gonna go back tonight after Cinderella's 12:00

do i miss Tw?

did i improve anyth this month in this country?


happy time always flies soon

"All good things must come to an end."

i have to face what to do in the next stage

c u soon

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  • tao904139
  • Hello, it's me.how are you?where did you go during this month?are you working now?
    I have so many questions about you. will you come to Taipei recently? or when I back to Tainan, you can go out with me?
    we have such long time didn't meet each other...
    thanks for your gift, you are so sweet~
    anyway, I hope you are fine, and happy~. I saw Sokolova in this Olympics, she is still good and pretty. There are 10 years have passed away after we are senior high school students.
    I miss all the beautiful days, and you...
  • good morning sweet girl~~
    how is everything around u in Tp?
    it must be all fine cuz u look so happy ^^
    thx for coming and leaving me messages
    i'm always moved n happy to see ur concern here :")

    i did go to Canada in July
    that's really really a super pretty place
    i think i like everyth there except for the colder weather... haha

    n i plan to go to Tp in the end of August or the beginning of Sep...
    not sure yet
    i'll discuss it with my parents these days
    haha when is ur freer time? weekend?
    or when will u come back to Tn?

    nice to c u here, really
    everything changes since ten yrs ago but not us... :)
    all the best

    bonbonout 於 2008/08/13 08:02 回覆

  • yellowfox
  • what's going on here!!!

    do i also have to write in english XDD

    then i should apologize first, because my english ist really really poor now...but guess what? my german is even worse XDD

    i don't know lah<singlish XDD>

    just wanna say hi~

    i hope u still remember me :)

    i've been in germany already 11 monthes, what can i say, here is boring <sigh>

    i already got a permission from FU Berlin, but i must pass the language test in addition to study T^T

    so 一起加油啦<i still love chinese most>
  • haha it's fine
    of course u can use ur favorite Chinese
    but ur E is not bad la
    don't worry ^_____^

    u've left Tw for almost one yr!!
    so i haven't seen u over... 3 yrs? @"@
    it's really a long long time
    and i seldom see u on MSN
    u must be very busy there
    haha busy at studying XD
    good girl ^^b

    so when do u plan to come back?
    after passing the test? (when?)
    or Halloween? Christmas?
    do u still get in touch with my classmate there?

    it seems that u didn't change a lot
    (via the pic u showed)
    still looks cute n pretty ^^
    u must love the life there, don't u? ^___^

    what's ur address? :)

    bonbonout 於 2008/09/03 13:17 回覆

  • yellowfox
  • i don't even have a plan now, because i don't know if i can pass the exam or not.

    i took a german exam called TestDaf in June, but failed in listening part T^T.after this exam, i flied back to taiwan for one month, and saw yoyo once when i visited my friend who also study in NTU.then came back here again in august.

    so..hmm..i have to attentend another language exam in about one week XD

    now i have no confidence, beacuse this one is even harder, but i just don't have choice.

    busy? come on~ u r even busier than me ok? hahaha~

    if i pass the exam, i think i'll consider going back in christmas, maybe~ just maybe~

    well, thank u for ur admiration, i'm flattered XD but i've been never cute and pretty lah XD

    my address? r u going to write me? haha~

    maybe i can tell u on msn lah~
  • ha don't worry
    of course u can pass the coming exam
    i have full confidence in u ^^
    (is there any temples there?! XD )

    how come!!!
    i miss the chance to c u when u came back two months ago!!!
    why why why
    so sad... ~>___<~
    i'm jealous of ur friends... T^T
    if u plan to come back around the end of this year
    there'll be my last chance
    i have to hold it!! >@<
    so plz do tell me when u surely decide, ok? ^^

    about ur add
    can u mail me?
    here is my E-mail add
    bonbonoutgmail .com
    then maybe i can send some bumb for u..... haha
    well i just said "maybe"...

    have a nice weekend dear ^______^

    bonbonout 於 2008/09/07 11:05 回覆